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Get the big picture
Maintaining the Events calendar
Event module organization
Event tabs
Working with the Calendar tab
View the Internal Events Calendar
Filter the Internal Events calendar (display only specified events)
Event Calendar Filters
Selecting an Event
Select an event using the drop down list box
Select an event using the Find button
Select an event using the calendar view
Adding an event
Add an event
Importing events from an iCal feed
Editing Event Information
Edit event information
Photos and Images
Add a Main Event Photo or a New Gallery Photo
Remove a Main Event Photo or a Gallery Photo
Change an existing Main Event Photo or Gallery Photo
Add a video
Add a map image
Add custom fields
Create a recurring event
Set the recurrence of an event
Edit a specific instance
To edit all event instances
Placement Options
Select placement options
Select an event category
Edit event categories
Deleting an Event
Permanently delete an event
Syncing with your calendar
Sync Events with Outlook
Synch your events with Google Calendar
Synch your events with Apple iCalendar
Synch your events with your iPad or iPhone
Event Fees and Billing
Create Event Fees with CQI (Legacy)
Create Events Fees (Integrated Billing)
Assign Event Fees
Assign event registration fees
Assign additional fee item
Edit an event fee once assigned
Remove an event fee once assigned
Select Billing Preferences
Save billing preferences
Create Discount Options
Create an age-based discount
Create an early registration discount
Create a volume-based discount
Create Membership Type Discount
Create Promo Code Discount
View Account Information
View the event account information
Create Event Invoices and Sales Receipts
Create Event Invoices/Sales Receipts when QuickBooks is integrated
Create Event Invoices using integrated Billing module
Managing Sponsors
Add a sponsor
Remove a sponsor
Add additional attendees with a sponsor
Remove an additional attendee with a sponsor
Add additional fee items to a sponsor
Remove an additional fee item
Sponsor Web Display Options
Add a sponsor logo
Remove a sponsor logo
Change an existing sponsor logo
Create Sponsorship Levels
Create output from the sponsor list (print, download, name tags, labels etc.)
Guest List
Send invitations
Create mailing labels for those with “No Invite Sent” status
Register an invitee
Resend invitations to those not yet registered
Working with the Guest List
Creating a Guest List
Managing the Guest List
Guest List Output Options
Send Event Reminders
Reports and Labels
Generate and email a list of events
Generate list of events
Email the event listing
Customize event name tags
Customize Online Event Calendar Display and Registration Options
Modify Event Options and Settings
Modify the list of Event Categories
Registration Options
Event FAQs
How do I add photos to an event?
Can I edit or add to the event invitation that is created when sending the built-in invitation?
Why is my event showing multiple times on the public calendar and I only entered it once?
Why does the download of my event guest list include additional columns of items not related to my event?