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1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation bar.

2. Click Association Employees/Reps in the Association Options area.

Add staff.png

3. Click Add a New Rep.

Administrator Tasks-Add New Staff Access-AdminTasks.1.06.2.png

4. Complete the Personal Information and Contact Information sections.

Note: The Email Address recorded here should be the same email address that is used when accessing your own email program. If correctly specified, then using the options in software to "Email from Outlook" will not give an error. See Email Sending Options for more information.
Note: The First Name and Last Name fields (with a space between the 2 fields) will be what displays in the “From” line in the recipient’s email inbox.

Administrator Tasks-Add New Staff Access-AdminTa.png

5. Click Save & Exit.

6. To create a login account for this staff user, click their name in the List of Representatives, expand the Permissions for... section and click Create Login Account.

7. Complete the Login Account and Database Permissions sections and click Save.

Add staff perms.png

Note for Users of SmartCMS: A staff user's permission for SmartCMS are also configured in this section.

Note: To edit a staff user's email notifications, expand the Additional Settings For... section and select the desired options.