Modify Event Options and Settings

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  1. Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Event Options and Settings.
  3. Make desired changes.
  4. Click Save.

Commonly Modified Selections

  • Allow public users to submit events for display: When selected, this checkbox will turn on the “Submit New Event” link that displays on the events calendar on the public website. The general public and members would be allowed to submit events for your consideration through this link.
  • Registration Preferences: Select the required fields needed when guests register online. These particular selections apply to all online event registrations.
    • Require online registrants to provide an email address
    • Require online registrants to provide a first name
    • Require online registrants to provide a phone number
    • Require online registrants to provide an address

Note: Some selections are available here and also on the specific event Fees tab. When the selection is available in both locations, the selection on Event Options and Settings is setting the default for all events but may be overridden on a particular event by making a change on the Fees tab.

  • Chamber Message: Type a message that will appear on every event confirmation email that is sent to all registrants.
  • Sponsors: Edit/Create this list of Event Sponsor levels that will be available to assign to your event sponsors on the Events->Sponsors tab. Sponsorship levels created here are available as a default set of levels for each event.
  • When a level is assigned to an event sponsor, that level title, if set to “Display Heading”, will also display for the public above the names/logos of those sponsors on the event calendar on the public website. If the level is set to “Do Not Display”, the level title will not display on the public website but the designated sponsor names will be displayed in the order of their level of assigned sponsorship.