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There are many ways that trade memberships/in-kind donations can be handled. The way that your organization would like to track a trades in financials will determine which approach is used:

  • Create an invoice, and then create a credit to apply towards it. Click Here for instruction on creating credits.
  • Create a fee item that is tied to the chart of account item that you would like to have the trade tracked under (expense account for the service provided for example) and then assign that fee item to the member fees and dues area as a negative amount. That way, when billing the member, a zero dollar invoice will be created showing the value of membership and the value of the trade, no extra step needed. Click Here for instruction on setting up fee items.
  • If it is a one-time invoice that you are creating, you can manually select the fee items, both membership and trade, and create a zero dollar invoice that way as well.
  • Do nothing – don’t assign a fee item to the member. Nothing will be tracked or created with this method.