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  • In the Member directory – is the distance measured from the association location or from the device?
Distance is measured from the device location. And note: the GPS feature in the device must be enabled for the distance to display.
  • How is the list of events displayed on the Reps, listed as the “30 most current” events, determined?
These events listed as the 30 most current registrations are any event registrations that are in the database for the current day forward and then any registrations with dates prior to today’s date until the list displays up to 30 events. This only displays those with a “Registered” status and is not looking at the “actual attendance” field.
Note: this event list is specifically those that are associated with this particular rep. If an event registration is made using the member record (and the rep name is manually typed in on that registration) then that registration will not appear under the rep. The registration must’ve been made using the rep record or later associated with that rep.