Setup Basic Member Account Features

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  1. Click Members in the left-hand menu and select the desired member.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. In the General Information area, make the desired selections for Billing Contact, Renewal Month, and Contact Preference. Optional: Billing Notes, Sales Tax Set, and Account Name/ID.
  4. Click Save.

Billing Contact: Click change billing rep or remove billing rep. If desired Billing Rep name does not display as a possible selection, click the Reps tab, click Add a New Rep. Complete Add a New Rep fields and click Save & Exit. Then return to the Account tab and complete desired selections.

Billing Notes: (Optional) These comments display on the Account tab and are for internal purposes only; they do not display on the invoice nor is the member able to view them.

Renewal Month: Select the starting month that billing should begin. If using Plus or greater, this is the default month but each assigned fee item can have a separate renewal month designated. If not using Plus edition or greater, the Renewal Month designation here is applied to all assigned fee items.

Contact Preference: Specify the default preference for invoice delivery: Print, Email, Both. This selection will be pre-selected as the Delivery Method when transactions are created for this member. The member may also change this when logged into their Member Information Center under Business Information.

Sales Tax Set: (Optional) Select the desired Tax Set if tax sets are going to be used. Non-profit associations would often have the Non tax set selected (i.e. they would not be taxed even if items would typically be taxable). Other associations would often have the “Tax” tax set selected.

Account Name/ID: (Optional) Indicate any associated account name or ID of your choosing. Click Use Member ID if desired, which will populate the Account Name/ID field with unique Member ID.