Setting up your Board of Directors Group

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Manage your own Board of Directors or Committee page

There is quite a bit of flexibility available to manage how group members display on your public website page.

Any group in your Groups module can be marked to display on your public website. Check Allow the public to view this group roster on the General tab of the group you'd like to display publicly. View the settings on this page.Then click Public page display settings to manage what it looks like.

  • Pick and choose which contact information displays
  • Add a personal biography next to or under their photo
  • Select from 3 different photo sizes for your rep picture. NOTE: The photo must be uploaded in the Member Information Center by the representative or by a staff person who uses the impersonate selection to log in as that representative. The representative would need read/write permissions to the Individual Profile in order to upload/change their photo. Click here for instruction on uploading a photo in the MIC.
  • Choose to display in 1, 2, or 3 columns

Simply select which items to display and how to display it.

Copy and paste the page URL and add it to your website menu. See where to find the page URL - see #2 on this diagram.

You can also specify the role that the individual plays in the group i.e. president, secretary. Click the name of the individual on the Roster tab and enter the desired information into the Group Role field. View Group Role location.

Enter the rep biography on the Members->Reps tab in the Personal Information section. Or the rep can enter it themselves when logged into the Member Information Center when editing their Profile.

Every time a rep is updated or a new photo* is added, your public group listing will be updated too.

Public group display options noted here are available only with SEO public website modules v 2 or v 3.