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You can send your association's financial transactions to QuickBooks Online using our direct export option. Without purchasing a 3rd party program, users with a QuickBooks Online account can keep their financial transactions up-to-date. Once connected, exports to QuickBooks Online will require only a single click each time you wish to transfer.

Setup Before you can Export

Setup the connection

  1. Go to Setup
  2. In the first section click Billing Options and Settings
  3. Click the QuickBooks Online Connect button and enter your QuickBooks Online login information and say "yes" to the connection.

Setup your Chart of Accounts and Fee Items

You will need to ensure your Chart of accounts within the database is setup to match your Chart of Accounts within Quickbooks. They need to be an EXACT match.

  1. Go to Setup > Billing Options section > and click Chart of Accounts
  2. Add each account and assign it the correct type.
    • The account name needs to be either the name of the account OR the account number. It cannot contain both.
    • The account type should be set accordingly.
    • The account description is for your reference only and can be anything.
    • The account code is only used for deferred revenue reporting and works with our recognized income reports.

After your Chart of Accounts is properly setup you will need to ensure your fee items are mapped to their correct accounts.

  1. Go to Setup > Billing Options section > and click Fees and Dues List
  2. Ensure the Account column has the correct account from the Chart of Accounts assigned to each and every fee item.
    To update an account click the fee item name and change the income account drop down.

Exporting your Transactions

On a regular basis, push your billing transactions to QuickBooks Online. Follow the steps below to complete this process.

  1. Go to the billing module and open the reports tab at the top.
  2. In the Executive section click the Journal Entry Export - Accrual Basis or Journal Entry Export - Cash Basis depending on your accounting needs.
  1. Select QuickBooks Online from the Format dropdown menu.
  2. Select your date range and any other desired export options.
  3. Click Refresh Report to generate your list of transcations.
  4. Review the list for accuracy ensuring any transactions you wish to export are selected and then click the Export button.
  5. The file is then transmitted to Quickbooks online and you will receive an email within a few minutes providing a status of that export.

As with all export options, ensure that your QuickBooks Online chart of account names and customer names match exactly what is in your ChamberMaster / MemberZone database prior to clicking Export. When a match is found, the transaction is automatically associated with the correct customer and account. If no match is found, a new customer or account is created.

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IMPORTANT: Due to how QuickBooks Online manages imported data, not all transactions will display under a Customer account in QuickBooks Online (QBO). In QBO if A/R isn't being affected journal entries will not show on a customers record. You can verify all transactions that are imported into your QBO software by viewing the financial reports.

QuickBooks Online Errors

  • Duplicate Document Number Error: If you receive the “Duplicate Document Number Error”, this means that the invoice number already exists in your QBO account. You will need to update your settings in QuickBooks and turn off “Custom transaction numbers” and “Warn if duplicate check/bill number is used”. These settings should be found under Settings > Account and Settings, however, refer to your QuickBooks Help Documentation for further details.
  • 401 Error: The unauthorized 401 error is a QuickBooks Online connection error. To resolve, in ChamberMaster:
  1. Go to Setup
  2. Click Billing Options and Settings
  3. Click the QuickBooks Online Connect button to disconnect and save. Refresh you page then go through the same process except this time when you click the QuickBooks Online Connect button you enter your QuickBooks Online login information and say "yes" to the connection.