Group Billing

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Fees may be assigned to a group or to certain individuals within the group. Groups may be created by you as desired to accommodate your billing needs or you may use groups that are already created.

Fees are created by selecting Group Fees as the Item Type. In the Groups module, fees are assigned to an entire group and then the amount may be modified per individual if desired. However, all group members will be billed using the same frequency.

To create invoices for a group that has been assigned a fee item with a One-Time Billing Cycle, Bill Group Now must be selected on the Group Fees tab.

Creating invoices for a group that has been assigned a fee item with a Billing Cycle of Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly, allows you to invoice from the Billing module by selecting the Group Batch Type and the appropriate Billing Month. These fees are treated as recurring fees and will be included automatically in Group billing batch.

If your group(s) should be billed on a regular basis, setting the Billing Cycle to Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly would be recommended, especially if billing multiple groups each month. To create the invoices only requires only a few simple selections in the Billing module each month.

Group Billing Procedures