Event Billing

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Fees may be assigned to any event and then assessed to any sponsor or guest as they are registered. At the completion of the registration, payment method is selected.

  • If Invoice is selected, these event invoices are queued to be created and processed whenever desired.
  • If Credit Card is selected, credit card processing happens online in the manner indicated by the terms in your processing company’s agreement but may also create an automatic invoice and payment or a sales receipt dependent on selections made by you on an event by event basis.
  • If Cash is selected, a receipt may be created immediately if desired. Receipts may also be created at a later time.

Fees must be created by a staff person with Administrator permissions. Any staff may assign the fee to the event and register guests and sponsors within the Events module. Invoice and Sales Receipt creation may only be done by staff with Administrator or Finance Level permissions.


  • Setup Event Billing