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Once synchronization to MailChimp is setup, then each night an automatic sync from your database into your MailChimp account will take place which will copy contact information from your database into the designated MailChimp list. If you’ve done updates to your mailing list in the database and you’d like to sync during the day, there is a “Sync now” choice available to do at any time. MailChimp synchronization is available to those with Plus edition or greater.

How to setup Mail Chimp synchronization

  1. Click Communication in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click MailChimp Setup.
  3. Click Click to Enable MailChimp.
  4. Enter your MailChimp login and password.
  5. Click Log In.
  6. The message will say that you are connected.
  7. Click the drop-down arrow and select the list you already have in MailChimp where you would like the contact information to be imported.
  8. Click Sync Now to immediately copy your contacts to MailChimp.
    Tip: Note this sync will happen every night but you can manually sync any time you’d like.
  9. All the contact information will be updated in MailChimp.
    Note: The System Event Log will display the synchronization transactions. Errors typically indicate invalid email addresses.
    Unsubscribers from the MailChimp system will remain subscribed in your database but MailChimp will prevent them from being imported at the next synchronization

How ChamberMaster and MemberZone sync with MailChimp

See an overview of how the MailChimp Synchronization works Vid.png

What is synchronized?

The synchronization with MailChimp will run each night and add your contacts in this database to your MailChimp account. Select the MailChimp List to sync with. The Lists in your account will appear once you have connected the systems. The synchronization will automatically include the following:

  • Reps: All active reps of active, courtesy and prospective members are added in MailChimp each night to a MailChimp Interest group named with the status i.e. Active, Courtesy, Prospective
  • Membership Type: All active reps of all Membership Types are added in MailChimp each night to a MailChimp Interest group name with the membersip type name.
  • Community Members: All active reps that belong to the Community Member record are added in MailChimp each night to a MailChimp Interest group named Community Member.
  • Groups: All active reps, that are not disabled in the group or marked with "Do Not Contact", that belong to the selected groups on the Groups Sync tab, will be added in MailChimp each night to a MailChimp Interest group named with the group name.

Best Practice: Prior to sending an email from MailChimp, check that unwanted email addresses do not exist in MailChimp in the group you are sending from, then select Sync MailChimp Now on the Groups>Sync tab. The sync only adds contacts but does not remove or update existing addresses.

Where does the contact information go in MailChimp

The contact info is pulled into groups that are created and updated in MailChimp nightly:

  • AUTO:Status group – contains reps by Membership Status
  • AUTO:MembershipType group – contains reps by your Membership Type
  • A group for each of your Group Types with a sub group created for each of your groups

The maximum number of groups per Group Type that may be synchronized is 60. Note: Groups synchronization will include inactive reps in the synch as long as they are marked as active within the group.