Create a Batch of Recurring Invoices

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Note: If you desire the fee items to appear in a particular order on the invoice when creating a batch, make sure the order is listed as desired on the Members->Account tab in the Membership Fees and Dues area. You can drag and drop the order of your fees. Don’t forget to save.

1. Click Billing in the left-hand menu.

2. Click the Invoices tab.

Recurring inv1.jpg
Figure: Create Recurring Invoices

3. From the Batch Type drop down menu, select Monthly Renewals.

4. From the Billing Month drop down menu, select the desired month.

If invoicing for the renewal month has been completed you will see a message that says: "Match Found"
If invoices have not been created you will see a message that says: "New Batch"

5. If you have already created this batch and you see the message that says “Match Found”. In this case, scroll down and click New Batch. If a match was found it means you’ve already invoiced this particular set of invoices. If there are some additional invoices that need “added to this batch”, you would want to create a new batch. If you do not select New Batch any changes that you make to invoice date, terms, etc. will impact the previously created invoices. In addition, the invoice date for the new invoices will be the date that you created the previous batches.

Recurring inv2.jpg

6. Once you’ve determined you are on the correct batch, if desired, select a message that will be printed on each invoice. Note: click edit to modify the message or create a one-time custom message to display on all invoices.

7. Complete the rest of the fields including Invoice Date, Date Due, and Payment Terms.

If Transaction Classes have been created, an Invoice Class drop-down selection will appear on the screen. Select the desired Invoice Class for this batch of invoices.
Recurring inv3.jpg
Figure:Sample Recurring Invoice window
Even if only viewing the invoices when clicking Deliver Invoices, the invoices will be created. If you clicked Deliver Invoices and do not want this batch created, close the Deliver window and click Delete Batch.

8. Uncheck any invoices that should be excluded from this Batch. Note: Excluded invoices may be added to this batch or placed in a new batch later.

9. Click Save Batch or Deliver Invoices. If clicking Save Batch, you can return to a batch of invoices at any time to deliver them (email or print them). If clicking Deliver Invoices, continue to the next step.

Either choice, Save Batch or Deliver Invoices, will create the batch of invoices. Deliver Invoices will create the invoices and immediately open a window with options to print and/or email the invoices.

10. The Deliver Customer Invoices window will appear. The Delivery Method of Print Invoices is already selected. Those invoices with an Output selection (from the previous window) of Print or Both will be selected. Those invoices with an Output selection of Email or None will not be selected. Also, any invoice that does not have complete mailing address information will not be selected.

Changes made to the Contact Name or address on the Deliver Customer Invoices window does not modify the Member’s Account information. Permanent Billing Rep or address changes must be made in the Members module.
Recurring inv4.jpg
Figure: Delivery Method selections for Print Invoices

11. Complete the Delivery Method selections as desired.

Note: A default Invoice Template may be selected as desired by clicking '''Setup''' > '''Billing Options''' and '''Settings'''. Open the '''Appearance''' area and select a new '''Default Template'''. The templates may also be edited at this location. See “Invoice Templates” for more information.

12. When ready, click Preview Invoices or Print Invoices.

Suggestion: Click Mark invoices as Delivered after printing when printing the labels. (if not printing labels, click Mark invoices as Delivered after printing when printing the invoices). This will make it easier to determine later if the invoices in that batch have been printed or not. Later, the selection Print/Email Invoices on the Reports tab will easily identify any outstanding invoices that have not been “delivered”, regardless of which batch they belong to. See “Print/Email All Undelivered Invoices”

13. If mailing labels are desired, click Print Mailing Labels in the Delivery Method section.

Note: When viewing the Member's Account tab after billing: The Next Billed column in the Membership Fees and Dues area reflects the name of the monthly batch that this fee/due will be included in or already has been included in. This column will automatically display the next billing month when the current date passes that month. For instance, if the current date is February 2015 and a fee/due is set to be billed in Februrary 2015, the Next Billed column will display February 2015 until March 1, 2015; then it will automatically switch and display February 2016. To see if a particular fee/due has been billed, refer to the transactions displayed in the Transaction History area.

Recurring inv5.jpg
Figure: Delivery Method selection for Print Mailing Labels

14. Make the desired selections.

15. Click Print Labels.

16. If any invoices need to be emailed, click Email Invoices in the Delivery Method section.

Figure: Delivery Method selections for Email Invoices

17. Make the desired selections.

18. Click Send Emails.