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The ChamberMaster/GrowthZone member management system allows you to connect to your Constant Contact account to automate updates to your Constant Contact lists based on updates made in the database. Once configured representatives that have been added to the database or specific groups will automatically be added to Constant Contact. Any reps that are disabled within in a group will be removed from their respective lists.

Note: Any Representatives that are deleted from the database or removed from a group will still remain in Constant Contact. These contacts would need to be manually removed from Constant Contact in these circumstances. For best results avoid deleting or removing representatives within your database and instead simply disable them within the group.
Also Note: Representatives that are disabled from a group are inactivated from the list in Constant Contact, but not from Constant Contact as a whole.

Constant Contact has a special pricing program for Chambers of Commerce see the details here.

Constant Contact- How the Sync Works

Representatives may be synchronized to Constant Contact automatically or manually.

Nightly Synchronization

Under the Association General Options and Settings. You can enable an automatic nightly synchronization that will occur between 1am and 6am CST. You can choose to synchronize any or all of the following:

  • Automatically sync all active reps for active and courtesy members. If this option is enabled, each time the nightly synchronization is run, Constant Contact will remove all the contacts in its All Active and Courtesy Representatives from ChamberMaster/MemberZone list, and recreate the list with the information received from ChamberMaster/MemberZone in the nightly sync.
  • Automatically sync membership types daily. If this option is enabled, Constant Contact will delete all contacts in its membership type lists, and replace with contacts received from the ChamberMaster/MemberZone nightly sync.
  • Automatically sync groups daily. If this option is selected, all groups will be synchronized nightly to Constant Contact. You may select specific groups to be synchronized via the Group > Sync tab. When synchronization occurs, Constant Contact will (1) Remove any reps that have been disabled in the group, (2) Add any reps that have been added to the group as active group members. Groups are matched by group name. If the group does not exist in Constant Contact, it is automatically created.

See Enable Constant Contact Synchronization for further instruction on configuring your nightly synchronization.

Manual Group Synchronization

Groups may be manually synchronized from the Synch tab, within the Groups module. 

When a group is manually synchronized, Constant Contact will remove all contacts in the list, and replace with the reps received from the ChamberMaster/MemberZone manual sync. Groups are matched up by name between Constant Contact & ChamberMaster. If the group doesn’t exist in Constant Contact, it is automatically created.

Enable Constant Contact Synchronization

You must have an active account with Constant Contact to setup and use the synchronization tool.

  1. Login to your database with administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click General Options and Settings in the Association Information (or Chamber Information) area.
  4. Select ConstantContact from the Newsletter Solution drop-down box.
  5. In the Add-On Manager area click the blue link Please click here to authorize the Constant Contact connection.
  6. Follow the prompts to authorize the database with your Constant Contact account.
  7. Choose which items you would like to have automatically synchronize each night. See How the Sync Works.
    If you’d rather select only certain groups to be synched, then you’ll need to deselect all others on the Synch tab in the Groups module. See Selecting Which Groups to Synchronize below for more info.
  8. Click Save.
Going forward, make any additions to these list or changes to contact information in your software. Each night a synch takes place and any added reps will be added.

One Row.png

NOTE: When Groups are synchronized to Constant Contact nightly, reps that have been deleted from the group will NOT be removed from the list in Constant Contact. Best Practice is to disable the rep from the group and not delete.

Note: Reps that have unsubscribed from your database mailing list will not be included in the synch to Constant Contact.

Selecting Which Groups to Synchronize

Once the Constant Contact synchronization is setup you will be able to configure which groups are set to be synchronized each night.

Note: The groups option must be checked off in step #7 above for any groups to synchronize.

View & Remove Groups from the daily synchronization

  1. Select the Groups module.
  2. At the top, select the Synch tab.
    All Groups currently set to synchronize will be displayed in a list when you first open this tab.
  3. Uncheck any that you wish to stop Synchronizing and then click Save

Set a group to start synchronizing each day

Option 1 - From the general tab
  1. Select the Groups module.
  2. At the top select the Home tab.
  3. Click on the group name that you'd like to change the setting for.
  4. Check the box to "Synch this group with Constant Contact."
    Additional Options for Groups
  5. Click Save Changes
Option 2 - From the Synch tab
  1. Select the Groups module.
  2. At the top, select the Synch tab.
  3. Uncheck Display groups set to synch only.
  4. Check off the groups you wish to synchronize.
  5. Click Save

Synchronize a Group Now

  1. Select the Groups module.
  2. At the top select the Synch tab.
  3. Next to each group that has the synch enabled you can click the Synch Now button.
    This will initiate a synch process that will take up to 15 minutes to complete on Constant Contact's end. You can view the Activity report on Constant Contact to see the status of the import.

Manually Export Contacts to Constant Contact

You can manually create a contact list and export it to Constant Contact as well. See Manually Export your Contacts for Constant Contact for details.


Why are there fewer contacts in my Constant Contact list than what is showing in my database?
A) When the data is pushed over to Constant Contact any emails that are invalid are automatically excluded. Any emails that are unsubscribed within Constant Contact would also be excluded from the final list in Constant Contact.

When does the synch happen each day?
A) The synch happens between 11pm and 4am Central Standard Time daily.

What happens when I change a representatives email in ChamberMaster/GrowthZone?
A) The representative will be added to anything their previous email was attached to but their previous email will not be removed. If you want their previous email removed you would need to do that directly within Constant Contact.