Collection Letters

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Collection letters are intended for those that have not paid for their invoices. Select who should receive these letters and which letter they should receive by selecting the appropriate filter choices.

  1. Click Billing in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Click Collection Letters in the letters section of the Reports tab.
  4. Complete the filter as desired, making sure to select the desired Aging and/or specific Batch. If sending a reminder for membership dues only, you may wish to select an Item Type of Members Fees/Dues Only.
  5. Click Refresh Listing.
  6. Double-check the Output column to ensure the correct delivery method is selected for each member.
  7. Click Create Letters to use the existing, selected template. (or click Letter Template: to edit the current template)
  8. Select the desired Delivery method: Email or Print Letters.
  9. If selecting Email, double-check the Email From address and Subject Line and then click Send Emails. (or first click Preview Emails if desired)
  10. If selecting Print Letters, click Print Letters to view and print the letters.
  11. Note: Include return address should be selected if you desire that your association return address be placed at the top of the printed output.
  12. If needed, click Create Letters again and select Print Labels as the Delivery Method to print matching labels for the printed letters.