Cancelling an Event Registration

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If someone has registered for an event, but chosen the wrong fee item and has already paid or been invoiced, complete these steps to cancel the registration so you can create a new one with the correct fee item.

Note: If the registrant has not paid or been invoiced, simply edit the registration by clicking the Edit Registration icon and change the fee item. See Figure 1 below.

Cancel the Registration

1. Go to Events ➝ Guest List
2. Locate the registration that needs to be cancelled
3. Click on the Edit Registration icon[1]

Figure 1: Editing the Registration

4. Change the status to Cancelled
5. Click Save & Close

Figure 2: Cancelling the Registration

Writeoff, Refund, or Credit the Registrant (If Needed)

Note: If there is a Reference number located on the Guest List, a transaction has been created.

Scenario 1: An invoice has been created and paid

Option 1: Issue a Credit on the Member’s account to be used later

1. Go to Members ➝ Account ➝ Transaction History ➝ New Credit. (See Figure 3 below)

Cancel 10.png
Figure 3: Issuing a credit

Option 2: Refund the money to the registrant

Note: If Sales Receipts were created the refund process will require a negative sales receipt to be manually created through the Members ➝Account➝ Transaction History➝ New Sales Receipt location.

1. Go to EventsGuest List
2. Click on the invoice Reference number (See Figure 4 below)

Cancel 12.png
Figure 4: The invoice Reference number

3. In the Balance Summary area click the PAYMENT Ref # (See Figure 5 below)

Cancel 100.png
Figure 5: The PAYMENT Ref #

4. Click Refund Payment

Cancel 11.png
Figure 6: The Refund Payment button

5. Click Save. See ‘Refund’ for information on handling refunds

Cancel 14.png
Figure 7: The Save button

Scenario 2: An invoice has been created but is unpaid

Writeoff the invoice

1. Go to Events ➝ Guest List
2. Click on the invoice reference number

Cancel 15.png
Figure 8

3. Below the Invoice Line Items click on the New Transaction dropdown and select Writeoff Balance

Cancel 16.png
Figure 9

4. Select appropriate Expense Account and click Finish

Cancel 17.png
Figure 10



  1. Icon legend.png