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Email Specific Questions

How do I add an attachment to an email?

Increasingly when users send email attachments, ISP spam filters are identifying these innocent but potentially large attachments as spam. Consequently these emails and attachments never make it to their intended recipient.
Selecting the option to upload your attachment to a server will eliminate this frustrating problem. Once the file has been uploaded to the server and selected, a link is generated and automatically placed inside your email allowing the recipient to click to receive their attachment. See Adding an Attachment.

Who is able to view the attachment that comes when I send myself a carbon copy?

Only the person receiving the carbon copy will have this attachment. Email recipients do not receive this attachment with recipients’ names nor do they see each other’s names within the email. It appears to them that they are the only recipients.

Why do some of my email messages not make it through to the recipient?

There may be a number of reasons that an email message does not make it to the intended recipient. A couple of the more common reasons are discussed here. Close inspection of the “bounced” email may lead you to discover which reason below may apply to your situation. More...

Are there any systems in place to help ensure the delivery of my emails?

Yes. StrongView, already incorporated into the software, provides you with a proven email delivery technology to ensure your emails reach their destination. More...

How can we ensure that our members are not spammed through the Contact Us link on their member page?

Emails from a consumer sent using the Contact Us link on the members information page will be blocked if any of the following conditions are met: More than 4 emails sent within 5 seconds; more than 25 emails within an hour; more than 100 emails within 24 hours.

Why do the links inside my email not open for me or my members?

Sometimes the links inside my email do not open for me. My members also have trouble at times accessing the links in an email that I send to them with attachments or an emailed event invitation that includes registration links. What is the problem? Am I doing something wrong? Usually not. Typically, the solution to this problem is found with the recipient of the email. Following are a couple of common reasons and their solution. More...

General Communication Questions

How do I create a signature block to use when creating communication?

Saving your signature block as a template may save time when creating correspondence. Design your signature block with any included text and graphics. Save it as a template. When ready to create your correspondence, first retrieve the signature block using the Choose a Template selection. Then type your email/letter content on top. Find more information in online help in the section titled, “Create a signature block” in “Emails, Letters, and Mailing Lists”.

How can I easily provide referrals AND notify my members when I've given out information referring them to others?

There is a special selection called eReferral that will accomplish both of your requests PLUS record the referral in the communication history of your member so it can be referenced at any time - - especially to use as incentive when membership renewals are being solicited.
eReferral is found multiple places in the software so that it can be accessed conveniently while working in the Members, Events, Communication, and Info Request modules.
See the information in online help titled “eReferral” in the “Emails, Letters, and Mailing Lists” section for more information.

How do I send a letter/email to my members with their login name and password included automatically?

Your members will need to know their login name and password in order to access the Members Only web site (http://www.chamberlogin.com) where they can view and update their membership information and business directory web page, view and add Hot Deals, view and submit events, and view and add job postings.
Instead of personally, manually typing the list of login names and passwords for each member in a letter, you can use the software to generate this communication piece and automatically include the member’s current login name and password. Follow the steps found in online help by selecting “How to insert a member login and password”.

Why do my mailing labels get cut off or are not aligned correctly?

Labels are viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader before they are printed. Adobe Acrobat Reader provides many options to resize your printed output (i.e. shrink to printable area) which may be desirable in certain cases. However, this setting, if left at any other selection besides None, will override the specific margins needed to successfully print labels in the correct location.
When selecting to print your labels, always make sure that the Page Scaling drop-down selection is set to None. See “Settings for mailing labels” in “Emails, Letters, and Mailing Lists” in online help

How do I manage my mailing lists?

Sending communication via email and letters may be simplified by creating a mailing list in the Groups module, which is referred to as a group.
Say for instance, you frequently send emails to your Budget Committee. Instead of selecting the 12 members of that committee each time you send an email, you first create a group in the Groups module called the Budget Committee. Add each of the 12 members to that group. Then when you go to send the email, you simply select the Budget committee as the recipient of the email with one simple click.
Or if you send a monthly newsletter, the Groups module is where you will create and maintain this mailing list group. This group will then be selected at the appropriate time throughout the software when you desire to send them email or print mailing labels and letters for them.
See “Communicating Using Groups and Mailing Lists” in the online help in the “Email, Letters, and Mailing Lists” section.

How do I remove the headers and footers that print on my letters and reports?

When creating reports and letter, the preview window is displayed in a browser window (i.e. Internet Explorer). Internet Explorer has a default header and footer that are wonderful when printing pages from the web, but when printing out your formal reports or letters it is not usually desirable.
See “Remove unwanted headers and footers” in the online help in the “Email, Letters, and Mailing Lists” section.