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SmartText Basic Concepts

SmartText has great capabilities and is easy-to-use. Here are some foundational concepts to help understand how SmartText works with ChamberMaster.


  • SmartText is currently limited to subscribers on US mobile phone carriers. Canadian carriers will be included in the near future based on demand.

Credits & Costs

  • One credit equals one text – either a received text or a sent text.
  • One credit currently costs .05 cents. Credits do not have an expiration date and are non-refundable.
  • Purchase additional credits right in your ChamberMaster database under SmartText->Purchase tab.
  • When someone subscribes to your list, that will cost 2 credits = 1 for the incoming request and 1 for the automatic thank-you reply. So, one subscription will cost .10 cents at the current rate.
  • Examples:
Sending a single group text to 100 subscribers would cost $5.00.
Sending a single group text to 500 subscribers would cost $25.00.
Sending a single group text to 1000 subscribers would cost $50.00.


  • This list is opt-in only; Subscribers must opt in to be included in your subscriber groups. Lists of phone numbers may not be imported. Existing mobile phone numbers in ChamberMaster will not auto-populate your subscriber list.
  • In order to have subscribers opt in, you must create a keyword – either a shared keyword (no charge) or a custom keyword ($25/month). (done on the Setup tab)
  • Practice and testing can happen without a keyword.
  • If desiring to have different lists of subscribers (event list, board member group etc), you must create a group and have your subscribers opt in to each group. You must setup these groups prior to advertising your opt-in information to the public so that subscribers are placed in the proper groups. Subscribers may not be moved from one group to another.