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See '''[[Working_with_Job_Postings/Hot_Deals/Member_to_Member_Deals#Manage_Job_Postings|Manage Job Postings]]'''
====What Are Job Postings?===
Job Postings are jobs openings that your members would like to advertise to other members and to the general public. Members may submit a job posting when logged in to the Member Information Center (MIC).  As an association staff member, you may add a job posting on behalf of a member. If you choose, you can allow job submissions by anyone on your public website.
*[[Working with Job Postings from the Backoffice]]
*[[Working with Job Postings from the MIC]]
*[[Working with Job Postings from Your Public Website]]
==See Also==
*[[Job_Posting_Settings|Job Posting Settings]]

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