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Sending Login Information
Your members will want to login to the Member Information Center in order to view and update their membership information and member webpage, view and add Hot Deals, view and submit events, and view and add job postings.
Instead of sending their login name and password to them, you can generate an email and include a link so the member can automatically retrieve their login information.
A number of pre-defined templates are provided that are ready to send out and already include links to your login page and a link where they can retrieve login information. See “Using Pre-Defined Templates”. Feel free to use any of these or use the steps below to create communication of your own.
If you still wish to send out the login and password to your members, follow the next steps to create and print individual letters to each of your members that include login information. Sending passwords via mail may be more secure for sending passwords since most email is unencrypted. If you desire to send the login information via email, follow the same general steps below except you will select New Email to Multiple Members for Step #2.