Adding an ePayment Profile

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Users with Integrated Payment Processing (or Authorize.Net with CIM enabled) have the option to add new epayment profiles to your member accounts that can be used for recurring billing.
Add a new epayment profile
Login to ChamberMaster / GrowthZone.
Click Members in the left-hand menu.
Select the desired member from the Members drop-down list.
Click the Account tab.
Open the Membership Fees and Dues area.
Click Assign Fee Items or click into the Name of an existing fee assignment.
Select Charge to ACH, debit or credit card.
Click the arrow to open the drop-down list and click Add/Edit epayment profile.
ChamberMaster Billing-Adding an epayment profile-CMBilling.1.110.1.jpg
Make sure the correct representative name is selected. Select the name of the rep who will be managing and updating this card profile with new expiration dates etc..
ChamberMaster Billing-Adding an epayment profile-CMBilling.1.110.2.jpg
If this is not the first profile for this rep and you are adding an additional profile, make sure to click Add a New Payment Profile.
Ensure that the correct account type is selected (Credit Card vs. Bank Account) and then complete the fields on screen.
If you don’t have “Bank Account” as an option, you need to enable eCheck.Net with Authorize.Net and also enable the setting to allow payment with bank account. See instructions here.
Click Add Profile.
Note: Account information that is securely stored by a representative while checking out or paying a bill will display in the list of cards and accounts that you see in your list. Make sure that you have authorization to use the stored card for recurring payments before assigning as a recurring charge to that account.