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Payments, Sales Receipts, Credits, and Deposits : Payments : Receive Payments

Receive Payments
Click Billing in the left-hand menu.
Click the Billing Center tab.
ChamberMaster Billing-Receive Payments-CMBilling.1.050.1.jpg
Figure 3-1 Payment tab
Click the desired member in the member list.
Click New Payment.
Ensure that the Deposit To: drop-down selection is the desired account for funds to initially be deposited.
Depositing into Undeposited Funds allows a Deposit to be made using the Deposits tab at a later time. From there, all the payments may be deposited into your bank account in one lump sum. If your bank statement displays your deposits as one lump sum, you may wish to use this method in ChamberMaster for easier bank statement reconciliation.
If your bank statement displays individual deposit amounts, you may wish to select the Deposit to: account directly in to your Bank account. Then a separate Deposit transaction would not need to be done on the Deposit tab.
See “Selecting Payment and Receipt “Deposit To” Account” for more information.
ChamberMaster Billing-Receive Payments-CMBilling.1.050.2.jpg
Figure 3-2 Receiving a payment
Complete the payment information fields including Payment Amount, Payment Date, and Payment Method.
Optional: Fill in the Reference number of Notes/Memo field as desired. Reference number may contain the check number or last 4 digits of credit card or other identifying information. Notes/Memo is available for miscellaneous notes displayed on the payment. If selecting a Payment Method of Credit Card and then capturing the credit card payment right away, then the Reference number and Notes/Memo will automatically be filled in.
If selecting Credit Card for the Payment Method, a Capture Payment button will appear. Click Capture Payment and complete the credit card information screen. The credit card will be processed with the amount specified in the Payment Amount field.
Capture Payment button is only available for Plus users that have, Beanstream, or PayPal Website Payment Pro processing. See more details.
ChamberMaster Billing-Receive Payments-CMBilling.1.050.3.jpg
To apply the payment to a particular invoice(s), click to select the checkbox in front of the invoice that this payment applies to. Deselect any that it does not apply to. The oldest invoice is already selected by default.
Double-check the balance in the bottom right corner to ensure a correct entry.
ChamberMaster Billing-Receive Payments-CMBilling.1.050.4.jpg
Click Save at the bottom.
If desired, click Print or Email to print/email a payment receipt.
Some people also choose to print a “Paid Invoice”. Re-printing the invoice that this payment applies to may display the payment and remaining balance, if the appropriate fields are included on your invoice template. The “invoice_paid” field and “invoice_balance” field may be added to any invoice template. See “Edit an Invoice Template” for more information and to create your own paid invoice/payment receipt.