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Table of Contents

Communication Basics
Email Sending Options
Archive emails (record) in the database even when not logged in
Quick Guide to Sending an Email
Send a Mass Email
Schedule an Email
Send Communication by Delivery Preference
Selecting Recipients
Composing a Letter
Composing an Email Message
Composing Fax Output
Send Communication Based on Custom Report Criteria
Creating a Letter
Create Mass Mailing Labels
Settings for label output
Adobe Reader v. 8.0
Adobe Reader v. 7.0
Adobe Reader v. 6.0
Create/Send Fax Output
Editor menu selections
Email Disclaimer
Adding an attachment
Sending an email with a link that will display the attachment
Turn on email links
Possible error displayed when trying to open a link in Microsoft Outlook 2003
Possible error displayed when trying to open a link in Microsoft Outlook 2007
Viewing and Recording Communication History
View history communication history
Quick Communication Application (QCA)
Inserting a graphic
Insert a graphic within communication
Modify an existing graphic (graphic size, borders, alternative text)
Remove an existing graphic (from the editor screen)
Remove a graphic (from the Chambermaster server)
Documents and templates
Saving a document
Saving changes to an existing document
Saving a Template
Using a template
Using Pre-defined Templates
Mail Merge - Inserting a database field within communication
Inserting a database field
Sending Login Information
To create and print individual letters that include the member login name and password
Remove unwanted headers & footers
Remove unwanted headers & footers from reports & correspondence
Header and Footer Codes
Creating a signature block
Creating a Signature block
Using a Signature Block
Communicating using Groups & Mailing Lists
Creating a group or mailing list
Selections for adding group members
Maintaining the group/mailing list
Add new members to a mailing list periodically
Add new members to a mailing list immediately
Remove representatives from a group manually
Remove representatives from a group when dropping or suspending a member
Disable a rep within a group
Allow members to join group
Allow the public to join
Other suggestions for creating groups
Mailing list groups
Advisory groups
Committee groups
Community groups
Program groups
New member groups
Unsubscribe Option
Send an eReferral
Storing Documents – Cloud Drive
Storing a personal document for use later
Storing a document to share with other staff
Storing files for members to access
Storing files that can be attached to an email or accessed through a URL
Storing images that are used in emails or other locations the editor is used
Reasons emails don’t get to members
Ideas for Developing Communication Content
Create and format your own output in the ChamberMaster editor
Copy and paste from Microsoft Word
Insert link to PDF file (or other file type)
Save Microsoft Publisher files as a graphic file and insert into editor
Save PDF file as a graphic file and insert into editor
Copy and paste output from another HTML program (like Constant Contact)
Using and Integrating Constant Contact
Setup an account with Constant Contact
Connecting Constant Contact with your datebase
Enable Constant Contact Synchronization
Export Your Contacts to Constant Contact
Importing ChamberMaster contacts into Constant Contact
Sample concept of using manual export from your database into Constant Contact
Using and Integrating MailChimp
Sample Automatic Emails Sent Out by ChamberMaster
Received by chamber members
1 - Email from a consumer visiting member web page
2 - Email from the chamber that invites member to an event
3 – Email from the chamber that informs of consumer leads
Received by the chamber
1 - Email from a consumer visiting the chamber web site
Received by consumers
1 – Email from the chamber sending requested information
2 – Email generated by ChamberMaster sending a Hot Deal
3 – Email generated by ChamberMaster sending a job posting
FAQs on Emails, Letters, and Labels
How do I add an attachment to an email?
Who is able to view the attachment that comes when I send myself a carbon copy?
Why do some of my email messages not make it through to the recipient? 
Are there any systems in place to help ensure the delivery of my emails?
How can we ensure that our members are not spammed through the Contact Us link?
Why do the links inside my email not open for me or my members?
How do I create a signature block to use when sending communication?
How can I easily provide referrals AND notify my members when I've given out information referring them?
How do I send a letter/email to my members with their login name and password included automatically?
Why do my mailing labels get cut off or are not aligned correctly?
How do I manage my mailing lists?
How do I remove the headers and footers that print on my letters and reports?