Using Predefined Communication Templates

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A number of predefined templates are provided that may be selected and brought onto your own list of templates. You may use these templates “as is” or choose to modify and then re-save with your own name.

Adding a Predefined Template

1. In the email edit screen, click the Choose a Template button.

Edit email screen.png
Figure: The email edit screen and Choose a Template button.

2. Click Predefined Templates.

Emails Letters and Mailing Lists-Using Pre-defined Templates-Communication.1.041.3.jpg
Figure: Selecting Predefined Templates

3. Click the template title to select the desired predefined template.

Emails Letters and Mailing Lists-Using Pre-defined Templates-Communication.1.041.5.jpg
Figure: Sample of predefined templates

4. Click OK to select another template right now or click Cancel to return to your own list of templates.

5. Once on your list of templates, click to select the desired template.

6. All fields with [ ] will auto-fill with the data from the member’s record or from your association contact information where appropriate.