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Save Microsoft Publisher files as a graphic file and insert into editor If you’d like to display the content of a Microsoft Publisher file in the body of your email instead of using a link to a copy of it, there is a way to do that might be helpful to know.

Inserting a Publisher doc into an Email

In general the steps will be 1) save your PUB file as a GIF file in your Microsoft Publisher program and then 2) insert this GIF file using the Insert/Edit Image selection. 1. Open your Microsoft Publisher file. 2. Select File, Save As. 3. Change the file type to GIF and click Save. If your publisher document contains multiple pages, you will need to save each page as a separate GIF file. Make sure you have selected one-sided printing by selecting that in the newsletter options. Then as you view each page, click File, Save As and select GIF. 4. Then in ChamberMaster, position your cursor where the Publisher file should be displayed. (Place a couple of blank lines at the top of the document in case you want to add text at the top later on.) 5. Click Insert/Edit Image. 6. Browse Server. 7. Click Browse. 8. Find the file and click Upload. 9. If you had a multiple page publisher document, you would need to upload each GIF in this same manner. 10. After selecting this image, it will be displayed in the body of your email. Hint: If adding text below this image, click the image once to select it, then press the right arrow once to move past the image, then press Enter. This will allow you to begin typing new text below the image instead of accidentally deleting the image by typing your new text. Since this image may not be as clear as the original, you may also want to include a link to a PDF version of this attachment. Sending a test email to yourself is also recommended. Watch a short video of these instructions: