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Many pieces of communication are already prepared in other software using a template or even created by an outside company and then provided to you by the publisher. Examples of this communication may include monthly newsletters, weekly information email blasts or other regular communication pieces. In many cases, a PDF version of the output may be provided to you by the third party or may be easily created by you. This type of file may be included as a link within your email and opened by the recipient retaining all formatting features. In fact, the PDF version may provide advantages over an embedded version (i.e. the copy and paste method) that may be appealing.

Links may be included to access a Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or any type of file that would traditionally be sent as an attachment. However, keep in mind that the recipient of the email must be able to open the file on their end. If they do not have the program themselves or have a different version of your software, they may not be able to view the file you have referenced within the communication. Sending a PDF version of the file eliminates that issue of compatibility.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format developed by Adobe® that preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. You will find PDF a very common format which is widely used on the internet due to its platform independence. Some cited benefits of including a link to a PDF version are:

  1. The email size is kept small since the PDF file is not calculated as part of the email total
  2. The recipient may save and print the PDF separately from the traditional email printout creating nicer looking output on the recipients end.

To view PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is downloaded free from here and is commonly loaded on most computers that access the Internet. Many software programs, both for purchase and those at no charge, are available to create PDF versions from output of your most common applications. Newsletters or brochures created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or other popular applications may all be saved in a PDF version using these PDF creation programs.

Once your output is in the PDF format or you have the desired attachment prepared, follow the steps below to include the document as a link within your email:

  1. Open the ChamberMaster email editor and begin to create the desired communication piece.
  2. Click where you want to insert the link to your document.
  3. Click Add/Remove Attachments
    Add Email Attachment.JPG
  4. Click the Upload your attachment file to the ChamberMaster server and include a link to that file in your email. radio button.
  5. Click Continue.
    Add an Attachment.JPG
  6. Enter the Text for Attachment Link: - This is the text that will appear for your link in the email.
  7. Click the Browse button to browse to the desired file. Or you may upload a new file to the ChamberMaster server by clicking Browse, browsing to the desired file, click to select, click Open, and then click Upload. Then you may click the desired file to select it.
  8. Click OK. The link will automatically be inserted into your document.