Emails Letters and Mailing Lists-Composing an Email Message

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Figure 1-8 – Composing an Email message
Due to email size limitations imposed by many ISPs in battling spam, the email editor displays an email content size indicator that updates as you type. It also displays the maximum email size left available. Since email addresses also use some available byte size, ChamberMaster determines this maximum remaining email size after addressees have been selected. If a large attachment is also desired, select to upload the attachment to the ChamberMaster server instead of the traditional method of attachment. See “Adding an Attachment”.
Note that ChamberMaster limits both the individual attachment size and the total communication size for email messages sent via the communication module. The total communication size is calculated as:
number of recipients x (message size + attachment size) = total communication size
The primary factor in staying under the size limits is the number of recipients to whom you are sending the message. This means that "in a pinch", dividing the recipient list into two or more groups should sufficiently reduce the size of the total communication package such that it will be sent.
The recommended method of sending documents to your members is by linking to them within the body of the email rather than by appending them to your email message. ChamberMaster provides unlimited storage space for any documents which you would like to upload and link to in your email messages. See “Adding an Attachment.”