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One time selections must be made in ChamberMaster to associate ChamberMaster with your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn account and select which items should be published. Items such as Events, New, New Members, Hot Deals, and Job Postings may be posted to your accounts.
Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
Click Social Network Publishing.
Click the Twitter Connect/Facebook Connect/LinkedIn icon to connect your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn account to ChamberMaster.
Administrator Tasks-Connect to Twitter 2f Facebook 2f LinkedIn-AdminTasks.1.32.1.jpg
Figure 2-11 Social Network Publishing
Follow the on-screen prompts.
In the Settings area, click the checkmarks to select the desired items to publish.
Select which calendar(s) should be published.
Type the number of days that events should be published before the starting date of the event.
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For LinkedIn users: After connecting to LinkedIn, select one of your groups in the Additional LinkedIn Options section to indicate to the discussion group where posting will occur. Note: You must be the owner (creator) of the LinkedIn group in order to post to that group; group membership is not enough. This group must be selected prior to clicking “Post Test Message”.
Click Save.
Click Post Test Message to initiate a check of the connection and to verify where the post will display.
Tips for Facebook Users:
Logo: Load your association logo under Setup->Organization Information in order to have your logo display next to the Facebook posts. Without a logo uploaded, the post will display a “Powered by ChamberMaster” logo.
Event posting: The Search Description field on Events->General tab determines the phrase that appears at the bottom of the Facebook post. This field is populating the event META data which should result in more favorable Search Engine ranking over time. Use descriptive, precise phrases in this field for best results. If no data is saved in this field, the first 160 characters of the Event Description is used for the Facebook post. Search engine ranking is not directly affected by this field. The Search Description field is available to those with v2 or v3 public modules.
Event image: The Main Event Photo found on the Events->General tab under Photos and Images is being suggested to Facebook as the appropriate image to use in the event post.
Tips for all Social Network Users
Issues with posts not appearing are often solved by disconnecting from the social network service and then reconnecting again. These 3rd party companies will occasionally adjust their code which might cause our connection with them to be interrupted. Simply re-doing the connection often solves the problem.
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Disconnect Twitter
Administrator Tasks-rd bullet.jpg
Disconnect Facebook
Administrator Tasks-rd bullet.jpg
Disconnect LinkedIn